Description: A modern take on jade bracelet with this jadeite and gold chain bracelet, a chinese coin -QianLongTongBao - is at the vocal point. 


Measurement: jadeite beads 10mm; coin: 2x2cm, braclet length 19cm


The heirlooms:

Jadeite, the mysterious oriental gemstone that carries so much history and culture. For thousands of years,  jadeite is believed to connect to one's inner world and to bring one's luck.


Chinese coins. They are the main form of currency used in China for hundred of years, there are many different coins from different times and dynesties. This coin is a nod to one of the most famous coins in Chinese history - 'QianLongTongBao' which was circulated in QianLong Time (Qing Dynesty), with the other side written 'XingFuKuaiLe' which means 'wish you happiness'.

Path to the Coin Jadeite Bracelet




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