The 'Pink Peony Bud' Clip On Pendant
  • The 'Pink Peony Bud' Clip On Pendant

    Peony is a symbol of prosperity and nobility in Chinese culture, they were admired during Sui and Tang Dynasties in the Imperial Palaces, where they gained the title 'king of flowers' The penoy denotes Spring and feminime beauty. 


    Penoy motif is found in DunHuang on the Silk Route and the ancient Chinese techniques of cloisonne enamelling especially on the ceremonial vases from the 18th and 19th century Qing dynasty. 


    The ancient enamelling method used to create our jewellery is the same as that created the world renowned Chinese cloisonné (JingTai Blue) - vitreous glaze is applied on the luxurious 18kt yellow gold and then fired afterwards to fuse with the gold so the beautiful colours and shine on the gold are permanent, unlike the ones applied with ceremic plating or cold resin enamel which will lose the colours over the time. 


    Pendant size: 15mm in diameter 

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    • Materials & Ethics

      We are commited to sustainable fashion and our wide environment, we only use either fairtrade 18k yellow gold or recycled 18k yellow gold in our jewellery. 

    • Jewellery Care

      Our jewellery is made of 18k solid yellow gold and traditional enamalling where vitreous glaze is fired to fuse with the yellow gold so the colours and shine are kept the same as they are from day one! The colours will not fade like in jewellery that uses cold enamelling or celemic plating. That's why Chinese cloisonné and enamelled jewellery from hundreds years ago still look as colourful as when they were new. 

      Care for your jewellery is therefore simple, you only need to occasionally wipe your jewellery with soft cloth. 

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