Oriental Culture Meets the Modern Aesthetics

Lin Yuan designs her jewellery with her Oriental heritage and roots to bring the thousands-year-old civilizations from the East to the modern world, displaying the oriental aesthetic in the jewellery that can be worn and treasured in the modern day.  A cultural romance is created when the unique oriental heritage revisited by the forward thinking modernity. 

China has such a rich heritage both in its depth and variety width that ranges from Chinese mythology, literature, paintings, calligraphy, architecture, furniture, ceramics, embroidery, etc. I hope to elaborate its characteristic culture with the creative vocabulary in jewellery and that each piece in the collection is able to tell its own story about the past and present.” 


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The Tang Ladies  

Our 'Tang Ladies Collection' was inspired by the world-renowned Tang Tri-Colour Glazed Ceramics Statues of ladies from Tang Dynasty (618-907). The statues are distinctive in their bright yellow and green colours which presented the most advanced glazing technics in the world at the time; they are beautifully detailed including the ladies' hair style and expressions; they show how Tang ladies dressed and lived in one of the most prosperous and open-minded dynasties in China's history. 

An incredible piece of heirlooms can be treasured by one of our luxury hand-painted18k yellow gold 'Tang Ladies' portrait rings. 

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Its' the year of the Tiger in Chinese Zodiacs! Tiger ranks the third in the 12 Chinese zodiacs. Each animal has different attribute. Tigers are courageous and active people who love a good challenge and adventure in life.

Tigers are lively and cheerful, and they love freedom and independence. They usually have a keen sense of justice. They are loyal, quick and the center of attention in everything they do. 

Our 18k yellow gold tiger signet rings and pendants are your jewellery of the tiger year! The beautiful and vibrate hand-enamel colours bring your zodiac tigers to the fashion!

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One of the most traditional Chinese symbols of good fortune and magical powers,  Hulu/Gourd is a favourite object for Chinese artists over hundreds of years. Modernising the HuLu images and symbolic shapes,  our gourd collection is a minimalistic and contemporary adaptation of the past heirlooms.


Hand-enamelled with the vibrant colours on the luxurious 18k yellow gold, you can choose to wear a band, a bangle or the hoops individually or have them on as a set to brighten up your outfits. 



The renowned unique ice-cracked pattern first appeared in glaze during Chinese ceramics-making purely by chance. After hundred years, in Song Dynasty (960-1279), people started to appreciate the 'beauty of imperfection' from this pattern and replicate it in ceramics. It later became a popular pattern that adopted by other areas such as furniture and architectures etc. in ancient China.  

Modernising this ancient Chinese pattern with our beautiful hand-applied enamelling colours in a contemporary minimalistic aesthetics, our ice-cracked collection creates a thousands-years old romance for the people of our time.

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Shop Rings

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Shop Rings

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Inspired by the world-renowned thousands years of archives of Chinese artwork such as Chinese paintings and calligraphy, this collection is all about bringing and enjoying the Chinese traditional art in the modern life! 

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Much of the Chinese aesthetics is narrated through the talisman symbols and images from the beginning of its recorded history.  Through this collection, Lin Yuan interprets the myth of one of the most ancient cultures in the human history and represents the heritage in their contemporary forms.    

Artists use colours to express themselves and it is believed that our emotions are connected to the colour palette. From the warm to the cold to the neutral, from the strange lines to the wavy lines. Our 'Colour Palette Collection' is the perfect colour expression that you can wear.