Oriental Art Meets the Modern Aesthetics

Inspired by the world-renowned oriental art and culture, Lin Yuan jewellery marries the heirloom artworks with the minimalist aesthetics of the modern, creating a cultural conversation between heritage art, cultural colours and contemporary forms towards an emotional, never seen before jewellery experience.

The Chinese Zodiac Collection
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The Chinese zodiac (Sheng Xiao) is a repeating 12-year cycle of animal signs and their ascribed attributes, based on the lunar calendar. In order, the zodiac animals are: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig.  The Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival, marks the transition from one animal to the next. 

It is generally believed the origins of the Chinese zodiac are rooted in zoolatry, or animal worship, with the system dating back to the Qin dynasty, more than 2,000 years ago. Legend has it that the Jade Emperor summoned all the animals to his palace in a “Great Race”, and the order in which they arrived determined the animal’s place in the zodiac.


Combining the renowned Chinese Watercolour Paint art in our 'Chinese Zodiac' collection, its undoubtedly an unique wearable art.  What's more is that you can personalise the zodiac with your favourite colours to make it yours. 

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Inspired by the world-renowned thousands years of archives of Chinese artwork such as Chinese paintings and calligraphy, this collection is all about bringing and enjoying the Chinese traditional art in the modern life! 

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How women lived in arguably the ancient China's most prosperous time over one thousand years ago? Under China's only empress Wu's reign, women in Tang Dynasty (618-907) participated in politics, enjoyed travelling and outdoor sports such as football and polo; they are pioneers of wearing 'boyfriend shirts' for convenience...surprisingly much like modern women today!


Our 'Tang Ladies Collection' was inspired by these modern women's pioneers as well as the world-renowned Tang Tri-Colour Glazed Ceramics ladies statues. The statues have been discovered along the famous 'silk route', they are distinctive in bright yellow, orange and green which presented the most advanced glazing technics in the world at the time; they are beautifully detailed including the ladies' hair style and expressions; they show how Tang ladies dressed and lived in one of the most prosperous and open-minded dynasties in China's history. 

An incredible piece of heirlooms can be treasured by one of our luxury hand-painted18k yellow gold 'Tang Ladies' portrait rings. 


Much of the Chinese aesthetics is narrated through the talisman symbols and images from the beginning of its recorded history.  Through this collection, Lin Yuan interprets the myth of one of the most ancient cultures in the human history and represents the heritage in their contemporary forms.    

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