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The Modern Heirlooms 

Inspired by the thousands-years-old oriental culture, Lin Yuan jewellery steeps in the past and connects it with the present, they truly represent a heritage in perpetual movement. Lin Yuan jewellery combines the symbolic oriental heirlooms designs with the minimalist aesthetics of the modern, creating a cultural conversation between heritage and contemporary forms towards an emotional, never seen before jewellery experience.


All Lin Yuan's jewellery are exclusively hand-made by experienced local arcticians in London and set in luxurious 18ct yellow gold . Based on the oriental colours culture and history, Lin developed ten unique enamelled colours for each of her collection, ranging from the world renowned 'Chinese Ink Black' to 'China Blue', to the better-kept secret 'Ancient Royal Purple'. Each colour enjoys its own rich history and yet their modernity only strengthened throughout the time. These unique colours are hand-applied on each piece by expert arcticians in London, after they are exclusively hand-made in responsibly-sourced gold. 

Each piece in Lin's jewellery tells a story of their own, while treasuring the culture of our wonderful history, they are the vibrate luxury heirlooms that suits the modern lifestyle. 


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