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It Started from the Oriental Heritage

As a native Chinese, Lin Yuan started designing her jewellery that is rooted from her oriental artistic heritage. Her inspiration was drawn from the oriental art and culture. Her themes would include flora from the renowned Chinese paintings; Chinese zodiac from the oriental mythology; unique patterns from Chinese ceramics and embroidery ...until she realised everyone can add their own interpretation and point of view from their perspective to the stories. From there she made her jewellery as a joint journey where everyone is their own story teller and able to add their personality and preferences creating their own jewellery.  


After the joint creation of the jewellery, all the pieces are exclusively hand-made by experienced arcticians in the U.K using solid recycled or fairtrade18ct yellow gold. Based on the oriental colour culture, the colours that Lin Yuan jewellery offers is exclusive and culture rich.  Each colour from 'Chinese Ink Black' to 'China Blue', from 'ancient Shu Brocade' to 'ancient Royal Purple' has a story on their own!  The colours chosen by each customer are hand-painted by the local enamelling expert arcticians. 

So it started from the oriental heritage, but developed with contemporary forms and perfected with individual interpretation, Lin Yuan jewellery is an exciting jewellery experience that is truly personalised for your aesthetics. 




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