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Meet lin - the artistic designer

Chinese Red Lantern Earrings.JPG
Lin Yuan, the founder of her eponymous brand Lin Yuan Jewellery, is a native Chinese who grew up in Shanghai, China and had a background in Chinese art and history before moving to UK. She had been in the UK jewellery and fashion industry before setting up Lin Yuan Jewellery. 

Chinese heritage is interpreted into and merged seamlessly with contemporary wearable fashion in Lin Yuan Jewellery, manifesting in creations reveal a balance between Chinese traditional art and versatile modern fashion. 

Lin's love of Chinese historic mofits and ancestral techniques, combined with contemporary inspirations results in her work where past connects with the present, tradition converts into international. 

"China has such a rich heritage both in its depth and variety width. I hope to communicate between Chinese heritage and the modern world through each creation, that each piece is able to tell its own story about past and present.'