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 Treasure the Beautiful Moments 

At Lin Yuan jewellery, we love flowers, we love peonies, lotus, roses...  not only because they are beautiful, but also because time is hidden in them, as well as the world. 

The beauty of the flowers from hundreds of years ago can still be appreciated today as they have become eternal through paintings. The seasons, the sun and the wind from long ago were sealed in them, yet we could still feel them from the painted flowers.

When we appreciate the beauty of the flowers that we see today, we are appreciating the time we share with them and that appreciation slows us down and is necessary in balancing our fast-paced modern life. We can see a tranquil world and touch the truth of the universe that is hidden in a single flower --

'One flower, one world, on leaf, one bodhi' 

Crafted with exquisite enamel painting and expert goldsmithing and gem-setting, our jewellery seals the 'moments to treasure' and present you with a tranquil world. 

Through our jewellery, we celebrate life and time; through our jewellery, we make beautiful moments eternal; through our jewellery, you can reach the truth of the world and the universe.

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