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Gold Jewellery Finishes and Care

We proudly only use responsibly sourced 18kt solid yellow gold in our jewellery, whether its being fair-trade or recycled.

We offer two finishes on our gold jewellery - Modern polished and Retro Matte. Modern polish has a sleek and reflective surface while Retro matte has a non-reflective and silky feel surface. You are able to choose a finish that suits your aesthetic. 

We've put together a few tips for you to look after your enamelled gold jewellery so they can be in their best condition. 

  • store your gold rings and gold chains in our luxury velvet packaging box in a dry and cool place

  • store each piece in its own case or compartment so they don't scratch each other

  • We use ancient enamelling where the vitreous colour glaze is fused onto solid gold in hot temperature so they do not come off over the time like the ceramic colours. All you need to do is using soft cloth to wipe your enamel gold jewellery from time to time from dust and they will keep their shine and colours like in day one

  • To protect your luxurious gold jewellery pieces from any blemishes, avoid scratching them against hard surfaces

  • Put on your enamelled gold rings and pendants after applying any perfume, hair spays to avoid any chemistry contact

  • take off your gold rings, gold pendants and chains before you use hand soap and body wash

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