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Enamel painting & Oriental Stories

Our jewellery not only tells the oriental story but to show them! Working with the best enamel miniature painters, we are able to showcase the world renowned Chinese paintings in miniatures.  It's with the exquisite enamelling paintings and luminous gemstones, the beautiful oriental paintings and stories can be appreciated through wearable fine jewellery. 


Just like on the world-famous Chinese cloisonné, the enamel we use is a vitreous glaze that would be applied on the luxurious 18kt yellow gold and then fired afterwards to fuse with the gold. This ancient method ensures that the dazzling colours and shine of the enamel is permanent and will not fade or fall over the time. Our jewellery will be a treasure forever. 

Each piece from Lin Yuan jewellery is hand-painted so some minor difference might occur in colours, each piece is uniquely beautiful. 

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